As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to reverberate, various sectors of the economy are confronting a different kind of menace. While vaccines for coronavirus are available and some of the treatments are showing signs of success, the potential human impact of the coronavirus outbreak is immense and a cause for global concern. We can expect to see a negative impact on all sectors of the economy, from the pharmaceutical industry to luxury good makers and beyond.

Here’s a comprehensive insight into the direct setback brought by the coronavirus outbreak across various industries. …

In the 21st century, climate change consequences for small islands include sea-level rise (SLR), tropical and extratropical cyclones, increasing air and sea surface temperatures, and changing rainfall patterns (high confidence; robust evidence, high agreement).

Small islands do not have uniform climate change risk profiles (high confidence). Rather, their high diversity in both physical and human attributes and their response to climate-related drivers means that climate change impact will vary from one island region to another, and between countries of the same region. In the past, this diversity in potential response has not always been adequately integrated into adaptation planning.


Global carbon levels have been dramatically rising since the industrial revolution, the impact of this concentration increase is palpable. Icebergs are melting, islands are sinking, and planet-wrecking fossil fuels have remained dominant in the energy industry. With this bleak new reality, nations are finally starting to wake up. Renewable energy is becoming a key player in decarbonising our economies with several nations investing in sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar and nuclear.

2020 was a global turning point. It was the first year the European Union generated more electricity from carbon-free sources than polluting ones. Joe Biden won the…

Like the human body, the earth must maintain homeostasis. Nature has a delicate balance. Forests full of trees are essential for this balance, manufacturing the oxygen essential to all life, like the lungs of the earth.

But according, to NASA predictions, this delicate balance is now being threatened. According to their research, if deforestation continues at its current rate, there will be no trees left in a 100 years’ time. . Research suggests that 15.3 billion trees are chopped down every year. On average a 100 trees are cut every minute.

This rapid degradation has a detrimental impact on the…

If there’s one thing that’s for sure it’s this: climate change has threatened the very survival of mankind.

Governments and corporations alike now need to make sure that preventing further climate change is at the top of their list of priorities and step up their efforts to mitigate the damage caused by climate change, nationally and internationally. But when it comes to international mitigation, one question needs to be answered: are our existing customary international laws adequate and enforceable when it comes to preventing further climate change?

Hours after his inauguration, President Joe Biden re-entered the United States in the…

The United States of America has a reputation as a global powerhouse, a beacon of innovation, a superpower, but has today’s America failed to live up to this reputation?

Certainly, the U.S. still has power in the context of global politics. Trump pulling the country out of the Paris agreement had an undoubtedly negative impact worldwide, with some saying that the U.S.’s disinvolvement was a sign that agreement was doomed to fail. …

Faced with climate change, renewable technology will undoubtedly boost public health. But we battle with Covid-19 at this juncture. Vaccination process has already begun in several countries. In comparison, things are returning to normal. We do have a long way to go, though. We should speak of climate change and why environmental health in the world today before we start talking about renewable energy solutions.

In the term ‘climate change’ the global climate changes on earth are seen by the rise in average temperatures and irritable rainfall because of natural factors, and by the human intervention as well.

Building wind…

2020 was marked by an unprecedented pandemic with more than half of the world shutting down to cope with the growing threat of the coronavirus. During this time, economies suffered from lockdowns which forced people to be confined in their homes, potentially unemployed.

But despite the societal cost, the first lockdowns highlighted an astonishing discovery. Due to major industries and factories being shut for long periods of time, pollution and emissions had also reached a new low.

For the first time in decades, the Himalayas were visible from all over northern India. Traffic pollution in London decreased by more than…

Fossil fuels have dominated the energy industry in the world since the industrial revolution began. This has largely had negative implications for our global climate and living beings inhabiting this planet.

To prevent further damage, the world needs to make a shift towards low carbon energy production. Renewable energy is becoming a key player in decarbonizing our economies with several nations investing in sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar and nuclear.

Global Green Energy Commitments

In 2015, the Paris Agreement set a global target of net zero emissions to be achieved in the latter half of the 21st century. …

Wind and solar are only the tip of the green energy technology iceberg
Wind and solar are only the tip of the green energy technology iceberg

Green energy developments are picking up steam: Facebook is investing in wind farms, NextEra Energy surpasses Exxon in market value, and Tesla tops the S&P 500. The development of renewable energy technologies has been essential in reducing these impacts on the climate and saving our planet.

Green energy is the new normal.

But while solar and wind efforts dominate the green energy discourse, there are still other options that need to be explored.


Nuclear energy may be the most controversial of the green energy solutions. The processing plants are unsightly and require a significant amount of space. And after the…

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