Oil is Dead: Green Energy Crypto Assets are Today’s Strategic Investment

Cryptocurrency can change the way we fund green energy companies
Cryptocurrency can change the way we fund green energy companies

A Short History of the Crypto Gold Rush

Ever since the Great Recession of 2008, people have demanded that governments and businesses take action against corruption, climate change, and the growing wealth gap. After growing tired of waiting for a top-down solutions, Bitcoin entered the picture in 2009 as an independent response to the economic fall-out facilitated by existing institutions.

Crypto Today in 2020

Most developed countries have a stable currency with strong central banks. And with a strong financial infrastructure, those same economies can afford a robust, national transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Financing the Transition to Green Energy with Crypto Assets

Governments around the world are issuing green bonds as a way to encourage clean energy investments. Bloomberg NEF recently reported that the total number of green bonds issued has surpassed $1 trillion. And as countries face a rapidly approaching deadline to hit carbon emission targets, these bonds will hopefully accelerate that transition.


France-based WPO has created the GreenToken to encourage investment in green energy solutions. €100 worth of GreenTokens can be used towards any green energy project in the GreenToken ecosystem. Those projects can then use the €100 towards innovation and production. Throughout this exchange, WPO also gleans data from the transactions, which companies can use to improve their services and technologies.


Similarly, WePower ($WPR) has built their own blockchain-powered platform for $WPR holders to exchange tokens for green energy. Currently, corporations can sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a utility company to secure green energy costs at a certain price for a fixed duration. But these agreements aren’t available or accessible for everyone.

Rowan Energy

Rowan Energy has also built their own green energy blockchain, offering a true P2P energy solution. In the UK, there currently isn’t an economic incentive for retail consumers to install solar panels. But with Rowan Energy, people can invest in solar panels and then earn revenue from the energy they send to the grid.

Limitations of Tokenization

These solutions only host their platforms in a limited number of jurisdictions. In other words, if you want to purchase their tokens, you can only trade them for green energy produced in certain countries — for now.

Green Power to the People

It can be argued that cryptocurrency isn’t a solution to the greater problems that climate change presents. And it’s not.

Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable and green energy.

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