“We can see what Earth will look like in the future when we observe Mars if we do not put an end to climate change. “ Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Humans are capable of systematically altering their environment, that means we’re able to bring it back to it’s initial state. Ever since the first locomotive ran across the Wild West, a slow reconciliation has been signed, a sacred pact between technological creation and it’s impending price.

It is hard not to associate climate change with politics, but we should. In the 21st century, America has grown to be divided and furiously inconclusive in it’s leadership, yet the horizons promise a new and eventful change towards something that’s been brewing for a long time in the direction of climate protection. It is hard to determine how much the level of carbon will decrease immediately if drastic measures are pursued, but one thing’s for certain: not doing anything will not prolong the threads of existence.

Space colonization and exploration is the ultimate goal towards species preservation, but in the short term, global warming is the most pressing threat towards us. So determining how the modus operandi and the fluctuations will upturn is a tricky task.

Renewable energy, solar power and clean energy have seen a surge in the past few days.

Is it a coincidence that the stocks of Tesla have grown at the same time that Bitcoin’s price has?

The Gold Rush was marketed. in the past by newspapers, but the strongest marketing strategy still is the spoken word. Currently, we see this steady uprising, a tacit disposition towards the not so long ago unfamiliar Bitcoin and Ethereum. This transition is important because it will facilitate and export extra energy into something valuable.

When I asked one of my friends who’s been dealing with crypto for a long time, to define this currency to me, he couldn’t really give me a concise answer. Yet he continued to praise the mining rigs and certain opportunity that lies. sort of “hidden” in this new and surging opportunity.

I’m reading reports about people in Australia using solar panels to power their homes and using the batteries for mining all sorts of coins whose names I have trouble pronouncing: Doge coin is my second favorite, because it’s ridiculousness has turned into something respectable, yet Ethereum is more attractive to me because of it’s Latin sounding name. Sort of like a promise path to a paradisiac future.

There are countless advantages when using bitcoin. One of them is security. It’s pretty much impossible to be robbed, unless in the unlikely case when your eWallet password is broken into. But, a bank has numerous departments which deal exclusively with security around the globe and so many of those employees deal with tracing the robber. With crypto, there is no need for that, since a security system is already set in place and tracing it is ultimately impossible. That was the initial premise of creating this monetary value.

At the start of an industrial revolution, skepticism is surely prevalent, yet great ideas endure despite that.

“Longevity is more important than intensity.” That’s what Nietzsche said about feelings. But it can be applied to almost any scenario, particularly this one.

Bitcoin’s been around for a while, stirring waters, causing headlines every once in a while. Right now, it’s surpassed the price of gold. It’s important to look at this not as a threat to our old ways of perceiving financial value, but as a reflection towards the future. And what do we see on the horizons?

The outlines which were blurred at first are gaining more and more edges. Houses where the price of electricity is no longer inflated by the transportation costs that ensue from the delivery of the power plant (source) to the consumer are becoming less rare. Solar panels, batteries, aluminium foil and silicone

Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable and green energy.

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